About Pravega

Born from the minds of the undergraduate community at IISc Bangalore is an idea that grew into an intoxicating four-day experience. Merely 7 years old but having gained enough momentum since its inception, it has now claimed a spot on the list of top ten fests in India. Owing its popularity to its racemic blend of science, art and culture and its history of hosting a myriad of competitions, expert workshops and electrifying performances from top artists — Indian and international, this is the site of a footfall of thousands, a fest that is undeniably growing bigger by the year. Here's the largest science fest in the country, out to bewitch your senses and blow away your expectations. From this January 30th to February 2nd, get ready for exhilaration. Get ready for Pravega '20.


Indian Institute of Science is a public institute for research and higher education in science and engineering. IISc was established in 1909 and claims a large, green campus in Bangalore, Karnataka. It continues to remain one of the best institutes in the world for scientific research. It was ranked first in the NIRF rankings for three consecutive years and as of 2019, is in the top 200 list of the QS rankings. The UG course with a heavy emphasis on an interdisciplinary syllabus was introduced in 2011. IISc, with its distinctive heritage, skilled community and past and present research projects is an active contributor to the fields of science and engineering.